#116 - Gary McGrath | Training Talk

Gary McGrath is an English competitive freediver. His first appearance on the show was Episode #109 | Breakthough

This is his Training Talk episode.

The Training Talk Questions Are:


What is your favourite freediving discipline and why?
Do you have a coach and who do you train with?
Do you periodise your training through the year?
What kind of dry training do you do?
Do you have a dry EQ practice, if so, what kind of exercises?
Describe your favourite pool training sessions, if you train in the pool.
How do you structure depth training sessions and how does it change through the year or the season?
What are you doing, in your mind, in the 2 minutes before your deep dives?
Do you do warm up? How? Or why not?
Do you pack? How many times?
At what depth do you begin your freefall?
Do you count your kicks or strokes?
Hands up or down on the ascent?
Do you exhale before surfacing or remove the noseclip before surfacing?
Do you do recovery or hook breathing?
What is your experience with narcosis and how do you deal with it?
Have you ever experienced decompression related symptoms?
Do you drink coffee, alcohol or smoke?
What is the one piece of nutrition advice you would give?
Do you take any supplements?
What lifestyle or mindset change helped you improve more than anything else?
Which person, or persons have influenced your own approach to freediving the most?
What do you like to do on rest days and do you have any strategies to speed up your recovery?
Describe your deepest dive in detail.
What is your favourite memory so far from your freediving journey?
What was the best place you ever freedived?

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