#108 - Sheena McNally |Hitting the Hectometre

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Although Sheena McNally hails from a part of Canada over 1,000 km from the ocean, she has always loved being in the water. Growing up, she spent summers on the lake and winters in the pool, becoming certified in lifesaving, rescue, and swimming instruction. As an adult, she dabbled in many activities, including martial arts, circus, and running, but none of them stuck. She eventually took up scuba diving and fell in love with the sea, which led her to leave the chilly prairies and a career in design and communications behind. Her search for sunny weather and good diving brought her to Utila, Honduras, where she enrolled in a beginner freediving course—and got completely hooked!

Sheena first appeared on the show on Episode #85

Image Credit: Daan Verhoeven

In this episode we discuss:

Shout out to (decaf) coffee and Jani Valdivia!
Sheen first appeared on Episode #85.
Sheen spent most of the pandemic in Dominica.
Sheena and Donny were diving together in Bali just when the s**t hit the fan!
Shout out to Apnea Bali.
Shout out to Scott Lambert who saved my ass and got me out of the Bali in the nick of time!
The lockdown situation in Dominica.
Is it possible to travel to Dominica? (this information may have changed!)
How’s the freediving education scene been there?
Sheena dived below 100m!
The build up and training involved in that dive.
How much did Sheena structure her training?
Improvements in training logs.
The importance of scheduling proper rest.
Breaking down Sheena’s first 100m dive.
Sheena’s clumsy and incredibly inefficient process and being honest with herself.
What are Sheena’s weaknesses?
Silver bullets for mastering equalisation!
What are her greatest motivations to go deeper?
A disclaimer about Donny’s comments on the situation in Taiwan!

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