#100 - Donny Mac | Dreaming of Depth

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Donny Mac is the founder and host of The Freedive Cafe Podcast and Thrivers Podcast.

He is a full-time freediving instructor and owner of Freedive Taiwan, a freediving education development centre on Xiao Liuqiu island in southern Taiwan.

In this episode we discuss:

Donny is currently based in Xiao Liuqiu, Taiwan.
Donny is from Scotland and has lived in the Netherlands, Finland, Australia and Thailand among other places.
An early exposure to freediving through the Big Blue movie and a long time waiting for the right time to start.
Viktor Reshetniak was Donny’s first freediving instructor and he did AIDA4 at Freediving Planet with Jean Pol Francois in The Philippines before heading back to Gili Trawangan to do his first instructor course with Viktor again at Freedive Gili.
The inception of Freedive Taiwan.
Can he train and teach at the same time?
Being coached by Aharon Solomons.
Long-term goals?
Thoughts on nutrition and the journey from plant-based to meat again.
The inception of The Freedive Cafe podcast.
The always pertinent issue of lung squeeze.
Dry breath-hold training and pranayama.
Are there too many female guests on the show?
Where would I relocate if I could choose anywhere?
Favourite things to do apart from freediving.
Plans for the future
How to contact Donny
Why does he freedive?

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