#99 - Jani Valdivia | Hypoxic

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Jani Valdivia is from Peru and is based in Tampa, Florida where he works as a neurosurgeon.

He is also a member of the AIDA Medical Committee, President of AIDA Peru and a competitive freediver himself.

In this episode we discuss:

Jani is from Lima, Peru
Jani got interested in freediving through a scuba accident!
He did his first course with William Trubridge and became an instructor under Jonathan Sunnex.
Work as a medic at competitions and burgeoning interest LMC and Blackout.
Developing the freediving scene in Peru.
Jani is a neurosurgeon.
Jani is a member of the AIDA medical committee and directs the medical communications.
The medical part of freediving is a new frontier.
Jani’s main interest is the clinical presentation of cerebral hypoxia.
Definitions of terms.
Symptoms and signs of loss of motor control (LMC)
The many variants of syncope (blackout)
The worrying decerebrate posture and it’s appearance during blackout.
Jani’s own experiences with LMC and blackout.
How easy is it to do inadvertent hyperventilation?
Is there such a thing as post-blackout syndrome and comparisons to concussion.
Are certain individuals more prone to syncope?
Is hyperventilation really the main cause of blackout?
Jani’s ideas for a quick and easy neurological assesment of freedivers without a medical professional present, for example in the case where DCS is suspected.
The MFSCO2 acronym and how to use it.
Shout out to Kerry Hollowell.
A Patreon question from Matthias about best recovery for LMC and blackout.
A Patreon question from Ted Manasa about permanent brain damage.
Is there such a thing as ‘apnea brain’
Thoughts on LMC support and blackout rescue techniques.
Thoughts on best way to perform recovery breathing.
Jani’s interests outside of freediving.
Desert Island Questions Session (Patrons Only)
Plans for the future.
Shout out to Carla Hanson, William Trubridge, Walid Boudhiaf, Jonny Sunnex and Tom Arhavaney among others…
Shout out to Farron Taijeron in Guam!

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