#98 – William Trubridge #2 | A Deep Dive

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Photo Credit: Ryuzo Shinomiya

William Trubridge is a world champion and multiple world record holder. He currently holds the huge 102m CNF record which may just be the most impressive thing a human being has ever done on one breath!

He is the owner of Vertical Blue freediving school and organiser of the Vertical Blue competition which many of you will know as the ultimate venue of freediving competition in the world.

Will first appeared on Episode #69


In this episode we discuss:

Will’s first episode was #69.
Will has been in The Bahamas for the Coronavirus period.
What is happening about The Freediving World Series?
How do you breathe in the two minutes before the dive and what are you doing in your head at this time?
Don’t manipulate your breath before a freedive!
A visit from Will’s daughter Mila.
When does the noseclip go on?
Nitric Oxide in the nose.
If and when packing should be adopted in one’s diving.
We begin the descent of the dive!
To what extent does he count strokes or use alarms?
A Patreon question from Daniel about CNF.
We’ve entered the freefall, what is our focus?
FRC and RV diving as training methods to adapt the body to depth.
What about doing FRC/RV dives before and after deep dives.
FRC/RV dives in CWT and CNF?
What has Will’s experience been with nitrogen/CO2 narcosis?
A Patreon question from David Omiyi about long, deep hangs.
The return to the surface and what kind of supplementary training supports it.
What kind of training should we avoid?
Why the term ‘diaphragm contractions’ is incorrect.
Why don’t freedivers do DCS stops?
The question of surface protocols and should they be different?
A question from Patreon Bernardo about age and freediving.
Does having a young child change Will’s approach to the future and is Mila diving yet?
Desert Island Questions section.

Photo Credit: Alex St. Jean

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