#97 - Aharon Solomons #2

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freediving training secrets

Aharon Solomons is today’s guest.

Aharon is a legend in the freediving community, known for his forward thinking attitude towards training, his irreverent sense of humour and general passionate dedication to our beloved sport for decades.

Aharon first appeared on Episodes 15 and 16 of the show. If you want to hear Aharon’s fascinating backstory and an introduction to his training methodology then check those out. In this episode we further explore in great detail the training side of his ideas while reflecting on the developments in the sport in the three years since we last spoke.

It was an epic interview and and I can’t wait to share it with you!

In this episode we discuss:

Life in Israel during the time of Coronavirus
Aharon has been doing online coaching for years.
The core reasons for failure to equalise in freediving beginners.
The sacred cows of the freediving education organisations.
Is hyperventilation really as dangerous as it’s made out to be?
What is the Haldane effect? (forgot to check!)
The dangers of packing.
Michael Board’s accident – was is CAGE?
The athletes scene and developments (or lack of ) on the competition front.
Is freediving becoming more of an elitist sport?
Which athletes has Aharon been most impressed with these past couple of years?
About monofin style and who is mastering it? (Alessia Zecchini, Alenka Artnik, Nataliia Zharkova)
Free Immersion should not be like a monkey going up a pole and having an epileptic fit in the process.
What is unconscious equalisation and how do we achieve it?
Recapping what RV diving is and why Aharon has no use for FRC dives.
Can anyone learn BTV (hands-free equalisation)?
What is the cheekfill?
On the topic of periodisation and a 6 month plan.
Static is not training for depth.
The benifits of apnea walking for depth diving and how to structure it.
The importance of focusing on one discipline at a time.
A side-note on yoga.
Practice visualisation instead.
Aharon is not a fan of alarms.
What does Aharon wish he knew about freediving and what are difficulties in finding out?
A question from Matt Malina about writing a book?
The Desert Island Questions

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