#96 - Bill Streever | In Oceans Deep

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Bill Streever, a biologist, is the award winning and bestselling nature writer behind In Oceans Deep, Cold, Heat, and And Soon I Heard a Roaring Wind. He has worked on issues ranging from the environmental effects of underwater sound to the evolution of cave crayfish to the restoration of tundra wetlands to climate change. With his wife, marine biologist Lisanne Aerts, he lives aboard the cruising sailboat Rocinante, currently in South America.  When he is not busy fixing the boat, he spends his time sailing, diving, hiking, rowing a dinghy, paddling a kayak, seeing the world through the twin lenses of science and history, and, of course, writing.

In this episode we discuss:

This is Bill’s first podcast!
Bill’s book In Ocean’s Deep is amazing.
Bill’s first job was scallop diving.
He has a background in the commercial diving scene.
An early start in the water as a kid with S-shaped snorkels with ping-pong balls.
The Trieste and the Challenger Deep and the mission’s low status in the public consciousness.
The story of Greek sponge diver Stathis Hatzis, his huge dive to save an anchor and his terrible physical condition!
Bill loved his freediving training.
How breathing under water got started.
The bridge building caisson workers and first experiences with DCS.
The deepest dive ever with tanks was by Ahmed Gabr to 332m in the Red Sea.
What is saturation diving?
The truth about the state of the world’s oceans and their future.
The Desert Island Questions.
Links to Bill’s books on Amazon.

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Email: bill@billstreever.com

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