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Photo Credit: Alex St. Jean

Dean Chaouche began his relationship with the ocean at a very young age on the beaches of the Gower just off Swansea, Wales.
He began surfing at a young age and from that I developed a strong desire to travel and surf all over the world.
On his travels he decided to take a surf trip to Indonesia, while looking for a yoga school to practice, he stumbled across “Freedive Gili & Yoga” run by UK record holder Mike Board. There he stayed for around a year and a half, both training and teaching under SSI. While there he developed a taste for deep diving and decided to follow this avenue of freediving with more fervor. This is where he began the next phase of his life, competitive freediving.

Dean is a 9x British Record Holder and Molchanovs Instructor Trainer.

Photo Credit: Alfred Minnaar

In this episode we discuss:

Dean is from Swansea, Wales and his name is of Algerian origin.
Dean also started his freediving journey at Freedive Gili in Indonesia.
Dean was led to freediving through surfing.
Dean took to freediving quite quickly.
The curse of easy equalisation.
Dean spent about 3 years working and training at Dean’s Blue Hole.
A history of lung injury and what may help in overcoming the issue.
The joys of living in The Bahamas.
What does Dean consider the highlights of his career so far?
What attracts Dean to no fins so much?
What impact is Corona having on Dean’s plans?
How Dean is structuring his training at the moment in Stockholm.
Does training static cross over into depth?
Does he use hyperventilation in any disciplines?
What is Dean’s preferred method of complementary training? (Movement, gymnastics, calisthenics).
Parallels between rock climbing and freediving.
What are the key points to bear in mind when training CNF?
Nutrition and supplementation.
Dean’s online training tutorials and coaching. (
Does Dean wish to continue diving deeper?
What interests Dean outside of freediving?
Dean’s morning routine.
Shout outs to Mike Board and William Trubridge.
Dean’s recommended book is 10% Happier by Dan Harris.
Dean is keeping his plans and dreams a secret!
Why does Dean freedive?

Photo Credit: Alex St. Jean

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