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Nays Baghai is an independent filmmaker and underwater cameraman based in Sydney, Australia.

Nays became fascinated with the worlds of film and diving when he saw The Blue Planet at age seven, and has gone on to win over 20 awards for his short films across various international festivals. His first feature film, Descent, is a psychological documentary about ice freediver Kiki Bosch, and won the Best Australian Documentary award at the Academy Award-qualifying Sydney Film Festival.

He is currently expanding Descent into a larger documentary series. As an underwater cinematographer and photographer, Nays’ work has been showcased by numerous dive brands, including DeeperBlue, Molchanovs Freediving, Rodney Fox Shark Expeditions, Cressi Australia, and many more. He is a PADI-certified Freediving Instructor and Master Scuba Diver, and can dive to 40m both with and without tanks. In his free time, Nays can be found freediving (both with and without his cameras), cooking vegan pasta, playing his guitars and basses, meditating, and developing ideas for new film projects.


In this episode we discuss:

Proud of Nays for winning the Award for Best Australian Documentary at the Sydney Film Festival.
How Nays has been weathering the coronavirus and how has it affected the release of the documentary?
A bit about Nays’ background.
Which came first, freediving or scuba?
How did Nays learn freediving?
How does diving in Australia work?
The joys of diving around Nays’ area.
Nays is completing his freediving instructor course.
What will his final presentation be on?
Nays is happy not to go too far in depth.
How Descent was conceived.
Kiki Bosch appeared on Episode #62 of the podcast.
What were the main challenges in bringing Descent to reality.
The experience of filming at Milford sound.
Which locations did they visit for the filming (England, Iceland, Australia, New Zealand).
What were the most memorable moments from filming Descent?
A question for Donny about managing students and cameras.
When will the public be able to see the film?
What’s next on the agenda for Nays the filmmaker?
Some Thank Yous for some people…
Nays recommended books are One Breath by Adam Skolnick, Into the planet by Jill Heinerth and Motivation for Creative People by Mark McGuiness.
Nays listens to The Skyrim Exploration Suite during his morning routine!
Why does Nays freedive?

Nays’ Links:

Website: NaysBaghai.Com

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