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Yoram Zekri is today’s guest. With more than 30 years experience in the freediving life, more than 22 years as a freediving educator and a long history of competitive diving and development of the sport as we know it today, Yoram is thoroughly embedded in freediving culture.

His freediving centre in Amed, Bali, Ocean Prana, is a wonderful place, with a village of bungalows for accommodation, decks and rooms for yoga, working out and classrooms, a healthy food restaurant and a beautiful 25m long, dedicated freediving pool, all a stone’s throw from the waters of Jemeluk Bay in Bali’s tranquil and remote north-eastern coast.

Photo Credit: Smartshot

In this episode we discuss:

How is Yoram dealing with the Coronavirus?
When will Bali re-open for tourism? (I need to pick up my stuff!)
Shout out to Ocean Prana staff!
Yoram is 44 years old but started swimming when he was 8.
He started scuba when he was 12!
Yoram is one of those inspired by Le Grand Bleu!
A very young start in freediving.
Yoram started very early in the competitive scene, when he was 21, at the first AIDA competitions.
12 years in Tahiti.
Yoram’s deepest dive was 141m in NLT (No Limits)
Yoram has been teaching for more than 22 years!
Fred Buyle and talking about the ‘Golden Age of Freediving’
Thoughts on what has become of the freediving scene.
Yoram’s involvement in the inception of AIDA and it’s competition rules.
Will Yoram focus on deep diving again in the future?
Talking about Tahiti, life there and diving there.
What does Yoram love so much about NLT?
About the amazing facilities of Ocean Prana and how it came to be.
What are Yoram’s plans for the future and the future of Ocean Prana?
The future of Bali after the Coronavirus.
Yoram’s interests outside of freediving (primarily his son!)
Shout outs to influential people: Jacques Mayol, Umberto Pelizzari, Hugo Verlomme
Yoram’s recommended books are the books of Yuval Noah Harari.
Why does Yoram freedive?

Yoram’s Links:

Ocean Prana Website

phone Australia: +(61)435-441-414

phone Bali: +(62)89-695-477-933

Email : contact@oceanprana.com

Photo Credit: Smartshot

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