Marcin Baranowski

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Marcin Baranowski is a Professor of Physiology at the Medical University of Bialystok, Poland. His research focuses on lipid metabolism.

He’s also a passionate freediver, competing both in pool and depth since 2012. Marcin uses his experience as a scientist to find new ways of improving diving performance. He shares his knowledge by organizing workshops on freediving physiology, giving talks, and writing articles for the official website of AIDA Poland.

In this episode we discuss:

How is the lockdown situation in Poland due to the Coronavirus?
Marcin is from Poland. He is a Professor or Human Physiology.
Marcin is also a competitive freediver himself.
Marcin’s definition of the Mammalian Diving Response (MDR)
Why are humans so good in the water?
The diving response is a response to stress.
But the diving response can be trained.
Submerging the face in water (training in the pool) while breathholding may be be much better than dry training alone.
Do dry exercises make you a better freediver?
He is a big fan of no warm-up diving.
The importance of a warm and dry face before maximal attempts (in no warm-up diving).
The mask is a ‘dive reflex killer’!
Do genetics affect the MDR?
A Patreon question from Veronika about removing the spleen and can you still dive if it has been removed?
Marcin is also a big fan of RV (Residual Volume) diving to train blood-shift.
RV may be safer than FRC diving.
Thoughts on packing and it’s dangers.
About CAGE (Cerebral Arterial Gas Embolism)
How to improve whole-body oxygen storage, and can myoglobin storage be improved and used?
A Patreon question from Matthias about reducing metabolic rate.
Menstrual cycle and how it affects resting oxygen consumption.
On fasting and ketogenic diets.
Why high-carb may be better for freedivers compared to high-fat.
On calorie-restricted diets.
The benefits of meditation and yoga for decreased oxygen consumption.
Support for antioxidants for recovery and how creatine may reduce risk of blackout in those with low phosphocreatine levels.
The risks of diving with PFO.
Freediving during pregnancy.
How to reduce the risk of trachea/lung squeezes.
Viagra for risk-reduction in freediving???
Patreons question from Emile.
What is the future of elite-level freediving?
Marcin’s recommended books are The Witcher Saga by Andrzej Sapkowski.

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