Linda Paganelli

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Linda Paganelli is originally from Rimini, Italy and is now based on the Canary Islands. She was an early pioneer on the freediving scene in Dahab, co-founder of Freedive Dahab, co-owner of Blue Immersion in Thailand and owner of Atlantis Freediving in Tenerife.

She’s had an enormous influence on a huge number of divers and was a pretty deep diver herself back in the day, diving up to 83m in CWT.

Photo Credit: Jacques de Vos

In this episode we discuss:

Shout out to Per Jennische, Episode #3
How is Linda coping in the Canary Islands with Coronavirus Lockdown?
Linda has a centre, Atlantis Freediving in Tenerife.
Linda is from Rimini, Italy.
Arriving in Dahab and establishing freediving there.
Linda overcame equalisation problems to become one of the deepest female divers in the world.
A crazy training session with Herbert Nitsch and reaching over 70m.
There was no such thing as structured training back then!
How has Dahab and the freediving world changed these past 18 years and has it been for the good, or not?
Would Linda live in Dahab now?
A serious motorbike accident in Dahab.
Linda’s relationship with Lotta Ericson and founding Freedive Dahab.
About Linda’s own deep diving career.
A question from Patron Anna Karina Schmitt.
What have been the highlights of Linda’s diving career?
Thoughts on the female freedivers development.
Is the education organisation you choose really important?
The story of Blue Immersion in Thailand and Akim Ladhari.
Questions from Patron and guest Daan Verhoeven.
How to deal with equalisation problems.
About Linda’s place, Atlantis Freediving, in the Canary Islands.
Does Linda still have deep diving aspirations?
What would Linda have done differently?
Non-freediving activities.
The joys of trail running!
Linda’s recommended book is Endure by Alex Hutchinson.
Why does Linda freedive?

Photo Credit: Carlos Negrete Garcia

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