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Adam Sellars has been on what could be described as a spiritual journey these past 5 years that has culminated in the colliding of two worlds that have shaped the person he is today. As an athlete Adam has always grappled with the pressure that is part and parcel of the sporting experience and the other is his own battles with the pressures in life which at one point threatened to cripple and derail his life.

Adam wishes to share the principles of meditation, power of breath and breath hold with teams, organisations and individuals alike.

Adam’s Pressure Project aims to release people from self-defeating thought patterns so they can live a full and happy life and achieve goals through unlocking the potential often suppressed and sabotaged within.

In this episode we discuss:

With Adam we are exploring the subjects of fear, anxiety, pressure and depression.
What Adam was doing during in his quarantine.
Focus on controlling the controllables.
Adam is from Townsville, Australia.
From swimming to surfing to spearing to freediving.
Adam’s first spearing trip.
World Championships in Roatan in 2017 were a huge highlight.
The trouble of training as a deep diver in Australia.
Adam’s troubles with depression and what became of it.
The problem with not staying present.
The overwhelming power of the coronavirus to suck our attention.
Mindfulness and it’s ability to reprogramme the brain.
A study about experienced meditators.
Normalising the voice in the head and other meditation techniques.
What does Adam offer on his retreats?
What people are searching for when they do a freediving course.
What is teaching freediving in Australia like and amazing locations like Mount Gambier?
Recommendations for how to stay sane during lockdown.
It’s also OK to be not OK and even a bit lazy during lockdown!
Plans for the future in terms of diving.
Adam’s recommended book is Handbook to Higher Consciousness by Ken Keyes.
Why Adam freedives.

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