Federico Mana

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Federico Mana originally wanted to become a professional basketball player but his fragile ankles prevented that from happening!

He encountered freediving by chance in 1996, and seven years later moved to Egypt and dedicated himself to teaching freediving, yoga and to record attempts, because he wanted to prove to himself that the training protocols that he had developed actually worked. He achieved many Italian records during his career.
In 2013, after seven years of study, trials and errors, he finalized his Handsfree Protocol and started to apply it successfully, even in remote teaching.

He has written and co-authored many books on the subject of equalisation and breathing techniques for freediving and now focuses on providing freediving education through online courses at movinglimits.com

In this episode we discuss:

Federico dreamed of being a pro basketball player when he was younger.
He did his first scuba course at university studying to become an optometrist.
In 2003 he moved to Sharm el-Sheikh live full time.
Early trouble with equalisation and the difficulty of getting help.
Developing a method to teach equalisation.
Getting the opportunity to pursue a record attempt and going on to the competitive scene.
Federico competed until 2011 and became the first Italian to reach 100m in CWT.
A blackout after a sickness in Egypt.
No more blackouts or samba after that.
What kind of training was Federico doing back in his competitive days?
Federico is working with many athletes.
Big changes in freediving knowledge down the years and big changes in understanding of equalisation techniques.
Federico can teach anyone to learn BTV (hands-free) equalisation.
His online webinars and courses through Moving Limits at movinglimits.com
How to improve equalisation out of the water.
The three kinds of equalisation limitation.
Some advice for instructors dealing with trouble-equalisers.
What breathing techniques does Federico teach?
Hill Taylor’s 50m underwater dolphin kick swim VIDEO.
Federico’s other interests including Crossfit.
Shout-outs to Umberto Pelizzari, Davide Carrera, Erik Fattah and Patrick Musimu.
Federico’s recommended book is Pranayama: The Yoga of Breathing by Andre Van Lysebeth.
Plans for the future.
Why does Federico freedive?

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