Ted Harty #2

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Ted Harty first appeared on the show on Episode #60.

He is the founder of Immersion Freediving and www.freedivingsafety.com.  He started his underwater career as a scuba instructor in the Florida Keys in 2005 and took his first freediving class with Performance Freediving in Miami with Kirk Krack and his team.

One year later he had become an Instructor for Performance Freediving and was hired by Kirk to help him assist his courses.  He taught directly with Kirk and Mandy for 2 years and then he branched out and started his own company Immersion Freediving.

He new mission is promoting his website www.freedivingsafety.com which teaches people the risks of the sport, how to minimize chances of a blackout, how to determine if you are overweighted, and what to do if your buddy has a loss of motor control or a blackout. This entire course is provided at no cost to the student.

In this episode we discuss:

Ted Harty first appeared on Episode #60
Catching up and discussing Ted’s live streaming shows.
What is the start of the coaching process?
Training for freediving out of the water.
How to safely progress in freediving.
Remembering Sara Campbell’s coaching.
Ted’s take on nutrition.
What do spearfishermen and women need to take into consideration?
How to not spook fish.
Advice for instructors and thoughts on the growth of the sport.
What online courses does Ted offer?
Ted recommends the Malazan Book of the Fallen series by Steven Erikson.

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