Vitomir Maričić

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Vitomir Maričić is from Rijeka, Croatia. He is an experienced extreme athlete and coach in several sports.

This rising star made unofficial WR results in his first competitions, and DNF 3rd place in AIDA WC and CNF 4th place in CMAS EC as his best competition rankings.

When not in dive mode, he is a freediving instructor and coach, constantly working on new projects in the field.

In this episode we discuss:

Vitomir is from Rijeka , Croatia.
A very early first foray into freediving.
Very promising beginnings in elite freediving with an almost world record!
Vitomir’s background in exercise science gives him an advantage over many other athletes.
Sport climbing and mountaineering is a major part of his life, as was watersports, gymnastics, triathlon and weightlifting.
Very exciting to be learning about this newly developing sport of freediving.
Highlights of Vitomir’s career so far.
How and where does he train?
A typical week of training.
The different phases in a periodised training plan.
What are the biggest mistakes made by elite level freedivers.
Opinions about supplements…most of them are junk.
About Vitomir’s research into equalisation and lung injuries.
Vitomir’s own experience with lung squeezes.
Does Vitomir have a tendency to squeeze and does that worry him?
Plans for a major international competition in Croatia.
What are his competition plans for 2020?
His part in developing the Molchanovs freediving system.
Vitomir’s recommended book is Ocean Sea by Alessandro Barrico.
Why does he freedive?

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