Marco Cosentino

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Marco Cosentino is a seasoned veteran of the world’s freediving competitive scene, he was there at the inception of the Vertical Blue competition, now more that a decade ago and has acted as Chief of Safety and Senior Safety in many of the world’s most prestigious freediving competitions.

He has been teaching under Apnea Academy and AIDA since 2004 and is now holding the position of the Chief of the AIDA Safety Board and is also the founder and director of the Professional Safety Freediver Programme through the Vertical Blue Freediving Educational Programme.
He is based in Rome where he provides freediving and spearfishing courses through his school ASD Freedivers Italia.

In this episode we discuss:

How Marco discovered freediving, through his Uncle who was a spearfisherman.
Marco was involved in spearfishing competitions but not so much in freediving as a sport.
The most important competitions in Marco’s career, so far.
The effect of Nick Mevoli’s death.
Some stressful situations in competitions.
Marco is Chief of AIDA Safety Board.
What was going on at the AIDA World Championships in Nice, 2019?
Marco’s thoughts on what to change in competition to make it safer and better.
Is there a problem with the surface protocol?
Will freediving ever make it to the Olympics?
The Freediving World Series? 🙂
Next years Vertical Blue and what’s to be expected.
The Professional Safety Freediver course.
Where can we attend one of these courses?
What qualities are essential in a good safety diver?
What are the top free rules of freediving safety?
Should freediving be taught to non-swimmers?
Marco’s interests outside of freediving.
Freedivers Italia in Rome and details about courses there.
Marco’s morning ritual revolves around his young daughter.
Marco is doing a lot of training at the moment.
Marco will be staying focused on the safety aspects of freediving.
Inspirational people for Marco. Umberto, Will Trubridge and Herbert Nitsch.
Herbert Nitsch 120m FIM WR Vertical Blue.
Marco’s recommended books are Oxygen, by William Trubridge, One Breath by Adam Skolnick, Undisputed Truth by Mike Tyson and Open by Andre Agassi.
Why does Marco Freedive?

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