Martin Štěpánek

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Martin Stepanek is originally from The Czech Republic. He is a multi world record holder, holding 13 of them, and a true legend in the sport, diving up to 122m in CWT.

He is also the founder of the Freediving Instructors International organisation and is based on the beautiful island of Kona, Hawaii when he isn’t travelling around the world teaching and coaching athletes.

In this episode we discuss:

Martin is from The Czech Republic and has a background in competitive finswimming, then scuba.
How does finswimming crossover to freediving?
Commercial freediving (link to video)
How Martin got into the competitive freediving scene.
An array of world records.
The evolution of competitive freediving and Martin’s thoughts about it.
Praise for the Diveye and current developments.
The trouble with pushing and squeezing and where that’s going.
Questions from Daan Verhoeven.
How he used to train and training with his wife Niki.
Thoughts on nutrition.
All about FII. Visit the website HERE
Martin has land in Hawaii surrounded by forest.
Martin’s morning ritual.
Influential people in Martin’s life.
Advice for aspiring freedivers.
Martin’s recommended book is The Book of Five Rings by Miyamoto Misashi

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