Harry Chamas #2

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Harry Chamas is from Liverpool and started freediving in Asia and Australia.

Many of you will be familiar with Harry from his great Youtube channel Freedive Passion.

He is a full-time coach based in the freediving Mecca of Dahab and has a wealth of experience as a freediving instructor, coach and safety diver and and is a very proficient deep diver himself having achieved two national records for Great Britain in VWT and NLT.

This is Harry’s second appearance on the show, the first is HERE!

In this episode we discuss:

Harry is back in Dahab now.
A trip to Sri Lanka in search of a new freediving Mecca.
At what point do we really need to get serious about training?
About weightlifting as training for freediving and the benefits of strength programmes such as Starting Strength.
An overview of Kaatsu training and a LINK to Harry’s blog article.
What to do after reaching a good base-level of strength.
Thoughts on the potential of cardio to limit development in freediving.
The benefits of HIIT training at the right time.
Clarifying some misunderstood terms regarding RV and ‘failure depth’ etc.
Dry RV training benefits.
FRC and RV diving and Harry’s thoughts on them.
A shout-out to Aharon Solomons.
What is half-lung diving?
Equalisation tools and their uses.
What is wet equalisation and has Harry tried it?
A question from Lily Crespy about ways to improve mouthfill equalisation.
Thoughts on nutrition and fasting.
Supplementation, anemia etc
Squeezes and barotraumas and thoughts on that.
What services is Harry offering in Dahab? Personalised coaching, instructor development.

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