William Trubridge

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William Trubridge is a world champion and multiple world record holder. He currently holds the huge 102m CNF record which may just be the most impressive thing a human being has ever done on one breath!

He is the owner of Vertical Blue freediving school and organiser of the Vertical Blue competition which many of you will know as the ultimate venue of freediving competition in the world.

In this episode we discuss:

Congratulations to Will on the birth of his new baby daughter Mila!
His recent breath-hold crossing of the Cook Strait in support of Hector’s and Maui’s dolphins. See VIDEO HERE!
How Freedive Café listeners can get involved.
Will’s childhood growing up on a boat on the way to New Zealand.
First forays into freediving on a backpacking trip to South America.
There is hope for us all!
The highlights of Will’s career.
Why has he chosen to focus on CNF?
The paradigm shifts that set Will on the course to the top.
Is he still planning to compete at the highest levels?
First to the CMAS World Championships in Roatan and then straight to the AIDA World Championships in Nice.
What is Will’s training plan to get back in to shape?
Will places a strong emphasis on lung stretching and dry stretching.
A question from Patron Dimitri about (yogic) bandhas and how to apply them to freediving.
Will’s approach to freediving.
How much deeper can we dive?
Will’s scariest dive?
A DCS experience.
3 minutes to impart the most crucial advice.
A question from Patron Scott Lambert about a World Series of Freediving.
Who has influenced his approach to diving the most? (Umberto Pelizzari and Eric Fattah)
He would love to meet Roger Federer and Yuval Noah Harari.
A question from Jonathan Sunnex.
A question from patron Ben Gardiner about where he would be if he never took up freediving.
What is the spiritual dimension of freediving?
Will’s interests outside of freediving.
Will’s recommended books are Zen Training by Katsuki Sekida, Waking Up by Sam Harris, The books of Yuval Noah Harari, Crime & Punishment by Fyodor Dostoevsky and Siddharta by Herman Hesse.
Dreams and aspirations for the future.

Image: Alex St. Jean

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