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Jonathan Sunnex is very well known and highly-regarded in the freediving community.
Originally hailing from New Zealand, Jonny went on to become one of the deepest freedivers in the world diving to 110m in CWT, winning many competitions and representing New Zealand in the World Championships.

He is a renowned safety diver and coach, coaching athletes to world records, continental records and national records, too many to list here.

He teaches all over the world but can now be found mainly on the Caribbean island nation of Dominica where he runs Blue Element freediving school and the Blue Element freediving competition.

In this episode we discuss:

Jonny is from a small town in New Zealand.
No much opportunity to discover freediving in the murky waters of his home town.
Jonny got into the underwater world for the first time off Magnetic Island.
Meeting Akim Adhari in Thailand.
Getting into competition and getting to the World Championships, Kalamata 2011.
Stand out moments in Jonny’s career so far.
Jonny doesn’t dive deep any more after suffering many issues with barotrauma and asthma.
Reflecting on Nick Mevoli’s death.
A breakdown of Jonny’s approach to training.
Hats of to SofĂ­a Gomez, Jeanine Grasmeijer, Thomas Brossard.
3 minutes to teach everything he knows.
Questions from Patreon supporters Arthur Kudla about preventing the soft-palate from opening up.
Thoughts on the CMAS deep blackout of Ramon Carreno Paz.
Should there be a World Tour of Freediving and how do we get there?
What has Jonny been doing on Antarctica?
All about remote and beautiful Dominica!
The Blue Element school and competition.
Does Jonny have a morning routine?
Most influential people with shout-outs to Akim Adhari, William Trubridge.
Jonny recommends books by Bryce Courtenay and Ken Follett.
Plans for the future.

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