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Kiki Bosch is from The Netherlands. She is a freediver, an ice-diver and an adventurer. A practitioner and intsructor of the Wim Hof method and a nutritionist. She is searching for truth and beauty in the world and helping others to do the same.

In this episode we discuss Kiki’s evolution from depressed and terribly traumatised to what she is becoming today, a truly inspirational young woman who’s motto is ‘Disturb the comfort and comfort the disturbed’

In this episode we discuss:

Kiki is from The Netherlands.
Kiki started freediving with Carlos Correa while travelling in Latin America.
Was freediving a challenge for Kiki when she started?
Healing the trauma of sexual assault through cold water.
Teaching herself the Wim Hof method before eventually training with Wim himself.
Do not practice the Wim Hof breathing method combined with freediving!! (It is hyperventilation)
What is the Wim Hof method?
What is the deal with ice diving?
A scary experience leading to hypothermia.
A Patreon question from Matthias Göthburg about diving response in cold water.
Kiki has dived in -4c water!
And Matthias would also like to know the extra safety precautions involved in an ice dive?
Disturb the comfort and comfort the disturbed.
Show compassion towards the environment.
Kiki would like to thank Wim Hof, and her instructor John in Bali.
Kiki’s morning routine and visualisation.
Kiki recommends the books of Joe Dispenza and Power Up Your Brain by David Perlmutter & Alberto Villoldo
A question from Patreon supporter Nays Baghai about the kind of music Kiki likes to listen to.
Kiki listens to the Kingdom of Heaven soundtrack.
Why does Kiki freedive?

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