Jessea Lu

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Jessea Lu is a Chinese freediving athlete currently living on the big island of Hawaii.
She can hold her breath for over 8 minutes and has achieved multiple continental and national records. Her passion for diving has taken her many places around the world including under the icebergs in Antarctica.
Jessea also has a PHD in Clinical Pharmacology and Pharmacogenetics. She enjoys pushing boundaries in research, as well as in her physical and mental capabilities.

In this episode we discuss:

Jessea is a big fan of the show!
Jessea was born in China and eventually moved to the US.
She studied biomedical research and has a PhD in Pharmacology and Pharmacogenetics.
Jessea did her first course with PFI in Hawaii.
Initial coordination challenges.
Jessea’s current situation as an athlete.
What is living in Hawaii like?
What happened during that failed dive at VB 2018?
Religion of Sports Documentary HERE.
A big squeeze on that dive, recovery and consequences.
How does one build back up to depth?
Has Jessea’s attitude towards competition changed?
Upcoming plans for the Asian Cup and World Championships.
The search for a better training methodology and more self-discipline.
Applying scientific method to figuring out better ways to train.
Ocean encounters and conservation.
Jessea is also interesed in cooking and spending time with animals.
Jessea’s morning ritual.
Jessea recommends the books of Malcolm Gladwell and Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls.

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Image: Alex St. Jean

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