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Pepe Arcos is an award winning multitalented photographer and filmmaker that explores both fine art and commercial visual communication to capture unique images of ethereal calm.
As a cinematographer, his work covers a wide range of works like the latest BMW M4 commercial or the full TV series APNEIA for Canal OFF, Globo Brazil.
Personal projects include the short film Pressure, awarded best short film at the International Film Festival Balinale, and other movies featured on different TV channels and social media networks.
Shooting still photography for fashion brands, and crafting editorial campaigns led him to be published in different magazines and also he has also created art exhibitions and limited editions of his fine art work, either in fashion, wildlife and the underwater world, for art collectors and galleries.


In this episode we discuss:

Pepe is currently based in Canggu, Bali
Pepe has been around the ocean from a very young age.
A brief period in the competition scene and two consecutive years as national champion for Spain.
Why did Pepe stop with the competition scene?
A strong desire to be creative.
Teaching freediving with Flavia Eberhard on Ko Tao
The evolution of Pepe’s photographic career.
Check out Pepe’s Instagram!
Why freediving photography and not on scuba?
What is Pepe’s vision as an artist?
Who are Pepe’s influences?
About Pepe’s underwater exhibition in Taiwan.
An appeal to photographers to print their work and get it up on the walls.
A run down of Pepe’s gear.
A question from Patron Gavin Atkinson about what gear to use for beginners.
The greatest challenges a freediving photographer faces.
The most stand-out projects Pepe’s been involved in.
Stand-out people Pepe has worked with.
The amazing experience of diving in Tonga with whales.
The problems with the world’s oceans and what we can do about it.
Pepe’s extra-freediving activities?
Does Pepe have a morning routine?
Pepe’s recommends the books of Haruki Murakami and Juan-josé Millas.
The joys of a Kindle!
What are whales up to down there?

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