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Alenka Artnik is an insipring woman. She was born and raised in Slovenia, and discovered freediving at the age of 30 at a very difficult time in her life.
But the power of the water and freediving turned her life around and set her on a trajectory of greatness in the freediving world, leading to multiple national and world records.

Image: Martin Zapanta

In this episode we discuss:

Alenka is back in Panglao for her third season of serious training.
Why does Alenka choose to train at Panglao?
A bit about growing up in Slovenia.
How did Alenka discover freediving?
She used to train Flatwater Kayak.
Freediving came very easy to Alenka in the beginning.
The transition from pool to depth.
The benefits of a long period of pool adaptation.
The road to becoming a true athlete.
A shout out to Gus Kreivenas.
A very fast progression to world record status.
The troubles Alenka was going through before she started freediving and how freediving helped her cope.
The realities of being a full-time athlete.
How Alenka’s training is laid out for the year and in preparation for competition.
Working with a coach for the first time.
Alenka will be attending the Asian Cup, Caribbean Cup and CMAS World Championships.
Breath-hold dry training tactics.
Alenka’s thoughts on stretching.
Fascial stretching or ‘Yin Yoga’
Building mental fortitude.
Meditation and chakra chanting.
The Chakra meditation Alenka mentioned.
Deva Premal’s music.
Influencing the vagus nerve.
Has Alenka experienced much in the way of squeezes and other injuries.
Squeeze culture in freediving.
Thoughts on nutrition and eating healthy.
Which supplements does she use?
Big mistakes made in freediving, ignoring squeezes, not taking enough rest, not having a plan.
Interests out of the water and Alenka’s projects helping animals.
A shout out to Alenka’s sister.
Alenka is happy with the process.
Alenka’s recommended books are Eckhart Tolle’s books.
Why does she freedive?

Alenka’s Links:

Facebook Athlete Page


Image: Alex St. Jean

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