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Frédéric Lemaître has a very extensive bio which you can find HERE, but to summarise, he is Ph.D, now focusing on research into the physiology of freediving. He is on the AIDA medical board, is himself a freediving athlete and he has coached and worked with many, many athletes and freediving clubs around the world.
He is also an author and has written two books on freediving physiology, the first of which will soon emerge in it’s English incarnation.

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In this episode we discuss:

Fred’s background and how he discovered freediving.
The main aims of Fred’s research and workshops.
STUDY: Do elite breath-hold divers suffer from mild short-term memory impairments?
STUDY: Plasma adenosine release is associated with bradycardia and transient loss of consciousness during experimental breath-hold diving.
Shout out to Trista Fontana about blackout question
Is adenosine related to the fatigue we experience after a diving session?
Hyperventilation and blackouts.
Fred’s thoughts on the Wim Hof Method.
The effects of long-duration aerobic training on freediving ability and periodisation.
STUDY: Intermittent hypoxia revisited: a promising non-pharmaceutical strategy to reduce cardio-metabolic risk factors?
STUDY:The Trigeminocardiac Reflex: A Comparison with the Diving Reflex in Humans
Fred’s research into the diving response.
Second bradycardia phase in trained freedivers.
Advice on developing the diving response.
A question from Andrea Zuccari about long-term adaptation in deep divers.
A question from Matt Malina about the extent to which myoglobin can be trained in freedivers.
Lower mitochondrial oxygen consumption in skeletal muscles of breath-hold divers.
The value of using a pulse oximeter for training.
We don’t know the best hypoxic dose for training.
The best way to train CO2 tolerance.
What’s the deal with the ‘alkaline diet’?
What about ketosis, ketogenic diets and prolonged fasting?
How to increase lactic buffering potential?
Are freedivers more prone to anemia?
Differences between the sexes in freediving.
How to avoid and deal with squeezes.
You need a long recovery from squeezes if you want to be an old freediver.
A question from Leigh Woolley about high-blood pressure…
A question from Ioannis Anastazis about best all-round training methodology
Fred’s first book on apnea physiology.
Fred’s second book on apnea training.
What is the most interesting thing Fred has learnt about freediving?
How deep can humans go?
Fred’s recommended book is Limits to Growth by Donella Meadows, Jorgen Randers & Dennis Meadows

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