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Patrick McKeown has been a functional breathing educator and author for the past 16 years who has taught children and adults simple and effective ways to adopt functional breathing patterns. He is a  TEDx speaker, and Patrick’s work has touched the lives of many thousands of people worldwide.
His work has been published by leading publishing houses including Harper Collins (UK), William Morrow Press (USA), Red Wheel Weiser (USA), Sperling & Kupfer (Italy), Kanki Publishing Inc. (Japan). And Journal publications include the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine and Clinical Otolaryngology.

In this episode we discuss:

Patrick is from Ireland and lives in Galway now.
Patrick teaches people how to breath for a living.
How Patrick became interested in breathing.
Straight into the negative effects of over-breathing.
30 seconds of hard breathing can reduce blood flow to the brain by 40%
The traditional method of developing a pranayama practice.
The importance of slowing down the breathing and making it subtle.
The true extent of dysfunctional breathing patterns in society.
The genetic aspect of the ventilatory response to CO2.
Left-shift oxyhaemoglobin effect is the Bohr effect.
How did The Oxygen Advantage come into being?
Children who nasal breath have better development of the craniofacial structure.
Key principles of the book.
Measuring the ‘Bolt Score’ an it’s relation to dyspnea.
Detailed information about performing the Bolt Score.
How to Measure Your Bolt Score Video
Practical, everyday tips to improve our health through breathing.
Stanford Medical School Study
Shut Your Mouth and Save Your Life by George Catlin
Nitric oxide.
The negative effects of the smartphone obsessed and distracted culture in which we live.
What exactly causes the urge to breathe?
PAPER: Breath-holding and It’s Breakpoint.
To what extent does genetics play a role in CO2 tolerance?
An alternative approach to delaying the onset of urge to breathe.
How effective is high-intensity interval training in affecting urge to breathe?
Patrick’s thoughts on iron-deficiency.
A Patreon question from Matthias Göthburg about using breathing to become calm.
Another question form Matthias about the potential for mouth-breathing to affect the structure or function of the eustachian tubes.
PAPER: Use of breathing techniques for the management of eustachian tube dysfunction.
Patrick recommends The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle and Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom
Guided Meditation!

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