Julia Mouce #2

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Julia Mouce is an instructor for SSI, AIDA, Apnea Total and PADI as well as an Instructor Trainer for Apnea Total and PADI, she is an accomplished competition freediver herself, holding records for Argentina in CWT and CNF.
She is also the owner of a very well-known school in Bali, Apnea Bali and another school, Freedive Air, on Gili Air, just off the Lombok coast.

Julia is especially well known for her success in coaching some of the world’s top athletes, and as one of the most experienced instructors in Asia, having introduced hundreds of new students to the sport she is madly passionate about.

Julia first appeared on the show on Episode #28

In this episode we discuss:

Julia is in Vietnam on holiday.
How was 2018 for Julia?
Discussing the volcanoes and earthquakes that have affected Bali and the Gili islands these past two years.
Whale watching in Tonga.
Teaching in China and dealing with the language barrier.
Difficult conditions at the Australian Depth Nationals.
How is the freediving world and community improving?
Julia’s thoughts on the new Molchanovs system.
Has Julia been able to train much for herself this last year?
What are the biggest lessons learned over the last year about teaching training?
Julia’s recommendations for how Donny should be training under his current circumstances.
The effectiveness of the right stretching exercises.
What can we expect from the Masters Training Program?
To go deep you need to go deep!
How should Donny structure his depth sessions?
A question from Alex about how to progress when we only have 30m.
When and how to use overweighting for advanced training.
Thoughts on squeezes and how to return to diving after them.
Thoughts on Ramon Carreno Paz’s deep blackout at the CMAS competition in Kas, Turkey.
What advice would Julia give to her younger self?
Which persons have been most influential in Julia’s life?
Julia’s book recommendation is Killing Commendatore by Haruki Murakami
An important lesson about deep diving.

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