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Fred Buyle is a freediver, explorer and photographer. Since his childhood he has been in contact with the sea, spending several months a year on the family’s sailboat. He was a scuba instructor before discovering freediving and went on to set his first world record in 1995, and many more followed. Fred was the eighth person in the world to pass the 100m barrier.

In 2002, he started with underwater photography in order to show the beauty of freediving and the underwater world. To take his pictures and videos he uses a simple formula: the water, available light, a camera and one breath of air, nothing more, nothing less.

Fred is also much concerned with conservation and environmental issues and often works with marine biologists to assist them in their field work. He uses his freediving skills to approach the animals and perform tasks such as acoustic and satellite tagging or DNA sampling.

In this episode we discuss:

Fred begins his relationship with the sea very early.
The freediving world really begins to grow through the nineties.
The golden age of freediving and the formation of AIDA.
Fred’s early records.
What was the attitude to training like back then?
How is Fred’s freediving fitness now compared to then?
Different attitudes towards the ocean.
The lifestyle with Pierre Frolla.
How did Fred become an underwater photographer?
The challenges of making a living from underwater photography.
What kind of equipment does Fred use and some advice for budding underwater photographers.
How did Fred get into ocean and shark conservation?
The problem with bull sharks in Reunion.
How to behave and react with sharks in the water.
What are his current projects?
The most amazing thing Fred has seen underwater.
The influence of Umberto Pelizzari.
Fred’s recommended book is this Peter Hook biography.

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