Georgina Miller

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Georgina Miller has always been interested in the underwater world; she can’t remember learning to swim! She started scuba diving in 1998 and was certified as a PADI MSDT Instructor in 2005.

She took a Freedive course in 2007 and has been a member of the UK team since then. Georgina has been a UK national record holder 6 times, with a personal best of over 7 minutes in static apnea.

She lives in Cornwall in the west of England, with her partner, the amazing freediving photographer Daan Verhoeven, and their two dogs. They run a freediving school called Aquacity Freediving at Porthkerris Divers in Cornwall, England.

In this episode we discuss:

What the climate and water is like down in Cornwall, England.
How Georgina found her way into the world of professional freediving.
The challenges Georgina faced in the beginning.
Balancing life as a freediving instructor with aspirations in competition.
Favourite disciplines.
Training for static.
Ideas for complementary training.
Skip breathing?
Anxiety related barriers in competition.
About having a healthy perspective on the sport.
How much attention does she place on a healthy lifestyle?
How do we make freediving a sustainable activity through our lives?
What makes George feel proud of a dive?
Why don’t all good freedivers make good instructors?
A PATREON question from Brenton Loh about the challenges of starting a freediving school in ‘more temperate climes’.
A Patreon question from Mattias Göthberg about cold water and thermoclines.
What piece of advice would George give to beginners?
Do many people try and teach themselves freediving?!
Free time?
A Patreon question from Daan Verhoeven.
George’s morning routine.
All about Aquacity Freediving school.
George’s recommended book is Oxygen by Willam Trubridge, and recommends the books of Ben Aaronovitch and Christopher Moore.
Why does Georgina freedive?

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