Derek Broussard

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Derek Broussard is currently working as an apnea specialist with Cirque Du Soleil. He grew up exploring the cold waters of Puget Sound.

A second enlistment In the U.S. Army brought him to Hawaii, where he discovered the healing properties of freediving and the peace of being in the ocean.
Since then Derek has worked as an underwater photographer, and a circus artist, but his real passion is bringing awareness to ocean conservation by spreading the magic of the underwater world through exploration and imagery.

In this episode we discuss:

Derek is from around Seattle and also lived for ten years in Hawaii.
Derek started to get into freediving while stationed with the army in Hawaii.
How he found himself with the Cirque du Soleil.
A description of Derek’s act. Watch it HERE
What is day to day life like with the Cirque?
Praise for Derek’s partner Yukako.
Derek’s experience in the army and freediving as a tool for healing trauma.
Derek talks about the books Blue Mind and Stealing Fire.
Derek as an underwater photographer and his relationship to spearfishing.
Derek is looking for a job as an instructor, help him!
Does he plan to go further in competition?
The joys of Hawaii for the waterman.
Derek’s thoughts on the state of the worlds oceans. And what can we do?
He is a big fan of human movement.
His ‘morning’ routine and eating windows.
Derek recommends What a Fish Knows by Jonathan Balcombe and Off to Be the Wizard by Scott Meyer.
Plans for the future.

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