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Emma Farrell is the author of the beautiful book One Breath: A reflection on Freediving. She is a major contributor to the development of AIDA and other education systems as author of their education materials, and is dedicated to making freediving accessible to everyone, especially those for whom it may not be so easy.
She’s worked with Olympic and Paralympic athletes, teaching them a combination of yoga and freediving techniques that have hugely improved their performances and in everything she does she tries to communicate her passion for freediving and the underwater world to her students.

Photo by Fred Buyle

In this episode we discuss:

An introduction from Mr David Mellor, Hello David!
How freediving got on Emma’s radar.
The Submarine Escape Training Tank (SETT), Gosport.
Training with Aharon and MT Solomons in Paxos, Greece.
Serious equalisation issues for Emma in the beginning.
Aspirations for competition?
Where Emma teaches and what form her teaching takes.
All about Vobster Quay in the Mendips.
The part Emma played in writing the education materials for AIDA.
Is Emma the only IC for three agencies?
Which agency is best?!
Making freediving accessible to all people including the disabled.
Yoga and freediving for paralympic athletes.
Emma’s take on the Spirotiger.
What the hell is cranial osteopathy and how does it benefit freedivers?
Emma’s view on diet and nutrition.
How young can children start freediving?
Emma’s interests besides freediving.
Emma’s recommended books are One Breath: A reflection on Freediving, by…Emma! And The Non-Tinfoil Guide to EMFs by Nicolas Pineault.
What are Emma’s plans and why did she choose to stay in the UK!?
Big shout out to Veronika Kruse and David Mellor for their contributions to this episode!

Photo by Fred Buyle

Banner Photo by Pash Baker

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