Gus Kreivenas - Part One

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Gus Kreivenas is a rising star in the freediving scene. He’s originally from Lithuania and over the last decade has been developing himself into an elite freediver, focusing on awareness, sensitivity and focus to bring himself to this level in the safest and most enjoyable way.

I also see Gus just yesterday achieved a new PB in CWT of 101m, so congratulations on that Gus and we can also expect to see him at Vertical Blue in a few weeks where he’ll be representing Lithuania and hopefully putting on a smooth show for everyone.

In this episode we discuss:

What was growing up in Lithuania like?
How Gus got from welding to freediving via scuba.
NoTanx in London.
From recreation to competition.
Starting to work as an instructor at Only One Apnea Center in Sharm El Sheikh.
Training and working as a coach in Dahab.
Gus’ current approach to teaching/coaching his students and the evolution thereof.
What a typical week of training looks like for Gus.
About awareness of the muscles used in equalisation.
Something that really pisses Gus off.
The progression from a 100m+ NLT dive to a 100m CWT dive.

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