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Julia Mouce is an instructor for SSI, AIDA, Apnea Total and PADI as well as an Instructor Trainer for Apnea Total and PADI, she is an accomplished competition freediver herself, holding records for Argentina in CWT and CNF.
She is also the owner of a very well-known school in Bali, Apnea Bali and another school, Freedive Air, on Gili Air, just off the Lombok coast.
Julia is especially well known for her success in coaching some of the world’s top athletes, and as one of the most experienced instructors in Asia, having introduced hundreds of new students to the sport she is madly passionate about.

In this episode we discuss:

Where Julia comes from and how she discovered the underwater world.
What the hell is underwater hockey?
How Apnea Bali came into being.
An average day in Julia’s life.
How Julia taught herself BTV
About equalisation and relaxation.
When should mouthfill be taught?
Julia’s coaching strategy.
Does BTV lead to more suqeezes?
Julia’s thoughts on complementary training and nutrition.
How to train psychological resilience?
The Australian Depth Nationals.
The plastic problem in the ocean.
Julia’s recommeded book is The Book of Illusions by Paul Auster
Julia’s plans for the future.

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