Homar Leuci

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Homar Leuci is from Italy and began diving in France in 2001.

After seeing the cult freediving movie The Big Blue, about freediving rivals Enzo Maiorca and Jacques Mayol, he dreamt of one day becoming one of the strongest freedivers in the world.

Through his 15-year career, which is still going strong, he has established 5 CMAS world records, 15 Italian national records and 2 Guinness world records.

In this episode we discuss:

How Homar did at the CMAS depth competition in Kas, Turkey (2017)
Homar is from Milan and focused on the pool disciplines for many years.
Falling in love with sharks and the sea at an early age.
Homar was a heavy smoker but quit to pursue his diving.
How Homar increased his lung capacity by 3 litres!
The Spirotiger!
Homar’s advice to beginners.
How he organises his training through the year.
What a week of training looks like for Homar.
The secret of Homar’s muscular physique.
The safety logistics of Homar’s dive setup.
A newfangled safety device Homar has developed.
Nutrition and it’s importance.
A bad case of DCS.
The dangers of Taravana.
Homar’s favourite gear.
The hard question easily answered!
Homar’s hobbies and interests outside of freediving.
Homar’s morning ritual.
The most influential people in Homar’s life.
Which famous person would Homar like to meet most?
Homar’s recommended book is his own! Nuotando con gli Squali.
Homar’s dreams and plans for the future.

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