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George Georgas was born in Athens, Greece. He has a degree in Physical Education and Sports Sciences and has continued to study Kinesiology, Ergophysiology and Movement Biomechanics.

George is also a fromer competitive freediving athlete and I came to hear of him in his coaching capacity from Georgas Panagiotakis on Episode #14 of the podcast.

George is going to tell us his own freediving story, and then we’ll dive into his tactics for training himself and his athletes!

In this episode we discuss:

George was born in Greece and how he got into freediving.
Treating scoliosis with swimming.
You can get 50m depth within 1 hour from Athens.
Overcoming pressure on the chest.
George loves DNY and DNF.
George competed for a number of years.
The challenges of competition.
George has a university degree in Physical Education and Sports Sciences.
His approcah to training his athletes.
His swimming background does not help much with his freediving.
Why stopping and gliding between kicks is better.
George’s thoughts on complementary training.
Why breathholding while doing resistance training is not a good idea.
Nutrition and supplements for freediving.
What’s the deal with aerobic training and freediving?
There is such a thing as too much breathholding.
Preparing Giorgos Panagiotakis for his world record.
Training without access to a pool.
George’s own personal training studio, Body Solutions.
What does George do in his free time?
George’s recommended books are Diagnosis and Treament of Movement Impairment Syndromes by Shirley Sahrmann, and The 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene

George’s Links:

Body Solutions


Coaching George Panagiotakis…

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