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Davide Carrera was born in Turin in Italy and began freediving as a child during his summers spent in Leguria.
He has was part of the World Championship winning teams of 1996 and 2001 and a established FIM world record shortly after when he dove to 91m.
He moved away from the competitive sphere in the end and went on to study yoga extensively and he integrates that into his freediving, and it was his tale of solitary wandering across the mediterranean in his 28 foot trimaran that inspired my first interest in Davide.
Now he is returning the the competition world and bringing what he has learned with him and he is here today to share a little of his philosophy of life and freediving.

In this episode we discuss:

Davide comes from Turin in Italy and spent a lot of time in Leguria
Davide’s early experimentation with freediving and dreaming of breaking records!
Beginning to learn more and a bit about Italian underwater organisations.
A chance encounter leads to a meeting with Umberto Pelizzari and Jacques Mayol.
Taking part in the first ever AIDA Team World Championships in Nice in 1996.
What was it like working with Umberto and what did he learn from him?
Did Umberto hold Davide back from achieving his full potential when he was younger?
Sailing like a vagabond across the Meditteranean.
A saint comes in a dream and inspires Davide.
Where Davide tends to train and why he likes Asia so much.
Davide’s upcoming documentary Don’t Crack Under Pressure, Season 3
Davide’s philosophy of freedom and how that determines his diet.
What Davide thinks about routines and structured training.
Davide’s experience of yoga and how it relates to freediving.
Spearfishing and diving alone.
A DCS experience.
How did Davide develop his amazing finning technique.
What effect does age have on one’s freediving journey.
How deep can we really go?
Where would Davide dive if he could only dive in one place?
Diving with whales.
The state of the world’s oceans and the problem with plastic.
Davide’s personal philosophy of happiness.
The most inspirational people in Davide’s life.
A very simple morning routine.
David’s recommended books are You Are the Placebo: Making Your Mind Matter by Joe Dispenza and Eckhart Tolle, The Power of Now.
What Davide thinks about coffee.
About his school in Sardinia.
Dreams and plans for the future.

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