Aharon Solomons, Part 1

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This is Part One! Listen to Part Two HERE

Aharon Solomons is a man with a rich and fascinating past, and a freediving career spanning many decades. His accumulated knowledge and wisdom are a great gift to the freediving community and our two part special will take you deep into the thick of it.

Aharon lives in Eilat, Israel. He is an AIDA Instructor Trainer, Apnea Academy Trainer, IAFD Master Instructor Trainer and “Freedivers” Training System Instructor.

In this episode we discuss:

How Aharon discovered and fell in love with the underwater world.
Chicken ration supplemented by spearfishing.
Falling out of love with scuba and falling in love with a shark.
Meeting Pipin Ferreras and Umberto Pelizzari.
Invited to Cuba by Pipin Ferreras.
Back to Israel to start teaching freediving.
The daisy-chain set-up.
Meeting MT on Crete.
The death of Cyril Israeldi (?)
Enzo Maiorca’s attempts to break 50m and opinions of scientists.
Bob Croft and Karl Schaefer’s discovery of the blood-shift.
Bob teaches Aharon packing in his living room.
Alina describes how Bob discovered packing himself.
The personality of Pipin Ferreras.
The story of Giorgos Haggi Statti.
Pipin as the father of the flooding technique.
Aharon’s disdain for the spoiled diver and how things work on his shift.
Patrick Musimu and flooding.
The origin of the Frenzel technique.
Aharon’s opinions on FRC.
RV training.
Trigger points and psychological barriers in freediving.
Blood shift and lung squeeze.
The difference between cheekfill and mouthfill.
The challenges of teaching and learning BTV.
The importance of doing your research.

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