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Stig Pryds is a trained chimney sweep who went into early retirement in 2010 due to a terrible condition known as psoriatic arthritis.

He started freediving in 2013 and eventually became an AIDA instructor. He has achieved 8 national records for Denmark, got a bronze medal at the World Championships in 2015 and a silver medal at Vertical Blue last year.

What is so special, so amazing about Stig’s story is the way he has transformed his life and taken control of his health through freediving, yoga and eating a plant-based diet. The hardships he has suffered and the path to freedom make up an amazing story and Stig is here to candidly share it with us.

In this episode we discuss:

Stig’s previous incarnation as a chimney sweep.
Psoriatic arthritis and the terrible toll it took on Stig’s life.
Discovering the therapeutic gift of immersion in water.
Stig starts freediving in the pool.
How Stig had only trained three times before entering the Danish championships where his DNF shot from 60m to 111m!
Stig discovers plant-based eating, yogic breathing and their therapeutic effects.
Getting off a boat-load of toxic medications.
The benefits of hot yoga.
Training in Egypt with Johnny Sunnex and hitting 60m in his first two weeks of training depth.
His 70m DNF national records.
Stig’s love for his kids.
His yoga practice and how he applies it to his freediving.
The benefits of an alkaline diet.
Stig’s training in Denmark.
His huge dives and breaking through the 100m mark.
Stig’s work with medical research and the interesting findings (static apnea may improve cardiovascular health in certain patients).
Blackouts, squeezes, lack of training and the repercussions or going for the numbers.The importance of a strong mind-body awareness.
Stig’s gear of choice.
Why Stig loves diving in Dahab so much.
Another shout out to Freedive Gili.
Stig’s recommended books are The Harry Hole books by John Nesbo

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