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Per Jennische has been a full-time SSI Freediving Instructor since 2015 and became an Instructor Trainer in 2017 after training and certifying more than 300 students. Per was born and raised in Sweden but spent the last eight years in Asia where he also underwent his professional training. He just recently returned to Europe where he is settling down with his girlfriend to develop freediving and yoga on the Mediterranean island of Mallorca. There he has partnered up with Actionsport Prodive Mallorca to offer everything from beginner to instructor courses.

For Per freediving is as much a way to enjoy and explore the underwater world as it is a way to explore yourself and your abilities.

In this episode we discuss:

Per’s freediving origins from Sweden to Instructor Trainer at Freedive Gili.
Shoutout to Freedive Gili.
Initial equalisation challenges with freediving.
The definition of freediving.
What happens to the body when we hold our breath.
Equalisation techniques (Valsalva, Frenzel, Fattah-Frenzel mouthfill).
Boyle’s Law and how pressure changes with depth.
Soft palate issues with equalisation/mouthfill.
The physiological changes of the mammalian dive response (bradycardia, peripheral vasoconstriction, blood-shift, residual volume and the spleen effect).
The different disciplines of competition-style freediving (CWT, CNF, FIM, VWT, NLT, DYN, DNF, STA, JB). Per’s favourite disciplines.
Static breath-hold progression.
Freediving equipment.
The risks of freediving.
Best behaviour in the water.
The negative impact of sunscreen on coral.
Per’s new freediving centre on Mallorca.
Best training modalities for freediving.
Biggest amateur freediving mistakes and how to progress.
The dive sites Per would like to visit. Per’s morning rituals.
The potential of pranayama (yogic breath disciplines).
The plastic problem and what we can do about it.
Per’s recommended book is Shantaram, by Gregory David Roberts

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