Instructor Course Preparation #3 – Freediving Training 2018

by | Mar 2, 2018

The purpose of this part of the blog is to share my learning progression. I’ll be testing and applying different freediving training methodologies for set periods of time and discovering what works best for me to progress in freediving in the most healthy way. Please feel free to use the comments section below to comment on or critique what I’m doing.

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#25 – George Georgas

#25 – George Georgas

George Georgas was born in Athens, Greece. He has a degree in Physical Education and Sports Sciences and has continued to study Kinesiology, Ergophysiology and Movement Biomechanics. George is also a fromer competitive freediving athlete and I came to hear of him in...

#24 – Ashley Futral Chapman – Supermom

#24 – Ashley Futral Chapman – Supermom

Ashley Chapman is a native of North Carolina and wife of Ren Chapman (Episode 21). While Ren focuses more on the safety aspect of competitions, Ashley is a dedicated competitive freediving athlete. In her years of competition she's achieved 14 national records and 3...

#23 – Sayuri Kinoshita – Top of the World

#23 – Sayuri Kinoshita – Top of the World

Sayuri Kinoshita was born in 1988 in Japan. Her parents have been running a swimming school in Nagasaki since she was 3 years old, and she has a background in competitve swimming. She began freediving after seeing fellow Japanese freediver Hanako Hirose in a magazine....

#22 – Davide Carrera – Making Love to the Ocean

#22 – Davide Carrera – Making Love to the Ocean

Davide Carrera was born in Turin in Italy and began freediving as a child during his summers spent in Leguria. He has was part of the World Championship winning teams of 1996 and 2001 and a established FIM world record shortly after when he dove to 91m. He moved away...

#21 – Ren Chapman – Chief of Safety

#21 – Ren Chapman – Chief of Safety (910)358-4300 Ren Chapman was raised in Wilmington, NC. From day one he was immersed in coastal living and was fortunate enough to have been raised with his toes in the marsh and estuaries of the area.  He began freedive spearfishing in 2007...

Naysan Baghai

Naysan Baghai

- Freediving Stories - This part of the blog is a space for listeners and fans of The Freedive Café to share their own freediving journeys with the world. Everyone is welcome to share their story, their thoughts, feelings and experience with our wonderful...

#20 – Umberto Pelizzari

#20 – Umberto Pelizzari (910)358-4300 Umberto Pelizzari is from Italy, he's held more world-records than you can shake a lanyard at. He was coached by the legendary Jacques Mayol of Le Grand Bleu fame, we'll hear all about that in today's episode. His famous rivalry...

#19 – James Nestor – Deep

#19 – James Nestor – Deep

James Nestor is an author and journalist who has written for Outside Magazine, Men's Journal, National Public Radio, The New York Times, Scientific American, Dwell Magazine, The San Francisco Chronicle, and more. His book, DEEP: Freediving, Renegade Science, and What...

Sooooo, only one week to go until I get off this lovely island and get onto another. My trip to the Gili islands is imminent and perhaps you are wondering if I managed to stick to my regime and get myself into great diving shape, or perhaps I’m writing to myself and talking into a great void where the words will never be heard…. in any case, let’s proceed!

So, did I get into great diving shape? Well, basically, yes and no. You see, a very disruptive yet extremely positive development took place about three weeks ago that kind of knocked me off the wagon, so to speak.

One afternoon I was having a break at work when an old buddy of mine called up and made me an offer I couldn’t refuse. He had found an old building on our dive-spot-island of XiaoLiuQiu. He is also a freediving instructor and wanted to rent it to use as a home and dive centre to develop his teaching business. But it wasn’t something he could go into on his own. He knew I’m about to do my instructor course and plan to start teaching this year if I pass successfully, so he asked me if I wanted to rent this amazing place with him.

Well, finding a place to rent on that tiny island is almost impossible, so I figured that even if I don’t get my instructor’s license it doesn’t really matter. I would just rent the place and dive every weekend! No more camping and lugging all my gear over to the island every time. On top of that, we got internet put into the place, so I’ll be able to do the podcast from there, and dive at the same time! Diving every weekend instead of once or twice a month. Pure bliss.

The beginning of great things to come….our new home on XiaoLiuQiu.

So it was all a bit of a whirlwind as we made the arrangements and made the negotiations before the place slipped through our fingers. I knew a couple of other guys who would appreciate a room on the island so they’ve joined us and now we’re this little band of piratey fellows on a creaky old pirate ship. A permanent base on a little tropical island with great diving waters.

As you will see from the pictures, the place is in pretty rough shape, but we’re slowly working on getting it patched up and painted with a fresh coat of paint. We’re going for the Greek white and blue and soon it’ll be looking smart. It’s huge inside, everybody gets their own rooms with plenty of space left over for a classroom, common areas, not to mention two huge gardens and a huge rooftop with an ocean view. This is a place you’ll be seeing a lot more of in the coming months I’m sure.

Work in progress, but we’ll make it pretty 🙂

So back to the point… No, I didn’t stick to my planned schedule of daily yoga, strength training, tables, running and everything else because we have all been on the island getting as much work done as possible on the new place before I head off. This month was Chinese New Year and with our own place there now and always having someone to dive with, I got a lot more time than I expected on the island. Therefore, I’ve been able to do a lot more diving than I expected. I think that has somewhat compensated for the lack of discipline with the dry training back in the city.

Also, my horrible chest condition seems to be on the way out. So, fingers-crossed I won’t be taking anything with me to Indo!

I have definitely suffered having not being in the gym for a few weeks. I’m getting a little bit soft and feeling some aches and weakness in my shoulders. Then my gym membership expired so I’ll have to wait until I get to Gili T to start getting strong again.

Eric safeties me on an easy CNF dive in our local waters. About 3 minutes from the new house.

So far I’ve done some easy dives to 35m and lots more in between. I’m left feeling pretty confident that 6 weeks in Indonesia, diving 4/5 days a week, will be plenty of time to decompress and polish the rough edges off my diving, and get me back under 40m in time for my AIDA instructor course. One thing that has become more clear is that I just need my head to be in the right place to have the best dives. Physically I’m already there, but inexperienced buddies, overcast skies and moody waters, podcast and work deadlines, these things create the conditions that cause me to begin feeling anxiety in the water.

So tomorrow I’m heading back to the island for another weekend of painting, cleaning and diving. Then I have a pretty chilled week ahead at work, so I’ll be able to work-out, run and practice yoga to my heart’s content before jetting away to diving paradise.

The instructor course preparation is almost done, you’ll be hearing from me again from Indonesia in a couple weeks 🙂

The motley crew of our new house and shop, Eric, Erik, Donny and David.

David on the first of two 20m CNF dives with only a single breath in between…

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